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Entries for April 2019

Fleets Conduct Real-Life Tests Before Committing to New Tires

Improvements to truck tire technology in recent years have created a collection of products that man­ufacturers often tout as their most ­advanced, longest-wearing and most fuel-efficient tires ever. But many motor carriers choose to analyze those factory-­tested claims in their own real-life settings before committing to adding the products to their entire fleet.

Dealers Tackle Parts Shortage

Dealerships and fleets are changing stocking patterns for replacement parts and adding inventory as they work to minimize truck downtime amid widespread shortages of some truck parts.

Telematics Has a Key Role in Trucking Filtration

The advent of modern truck telematics has changed how fleets determine when filter or other services are needed — and when quick action is necessary to prevent potential engine damage or failure, a fleet maintenance executive said.

Remote Diagnostics to the Rescue

Remote diagnostics systems available on modern trucks are helping fleets avoid costly repairs and reduce vehicle downtime, and this technology is rapidly advancing toward offering better predictions of when problems might occur.

Automated and Electric Vehicles

The Technology & Maintenance Council is evolving to contend with the necessary maintenance and specification issues that are arising as a result of two advanced technologies that are fast becoming part of today’s trucking scene.

Avoid the Dreaded 'D' Word

Problems with engine exhaust aftertreatment systems have been near the top of the trucking maintenance list in recent years. Those components are often a key cause of the dreaded “D” word: downtime.

The Upside of Downspeeding

Industry experts and fleets tell us that engine downspeeding is a great way to save fuel at highway speeds and that it affords additional benefits.

Extreme Temps Affect Electric Truck Batteries

All major truck builders and several startups are preparing to develop, test and market either battery-electric vehicles or fuel-cell/battery models in the very near term. Replacing diesel-powered Class 8 trucks, though, will present numerous challenges to an industry accustomed to proven and reliable diesel-­engine technology.

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